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Email Marketing is one of this most simple, yet underrated, forms of marketing and lead generation. That challenge that most businesses face when first interested in email marketing, is that they don't have a list of people to email. The first step Rws takes with each client is the review of what we call, your list. If you don't have a list-building strategy, than you don't have an email marketing strategy. Our approach to both list building and email outreach is guaranteed to bring your business closer to reaching your goals.

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The team at Rws has experience in adhering to email guidelines that keep you out the SPAM filter with a wide variety of email marketing systems. Our team has seen the most success using DRIP campaigns, also known as follow-up campaigns. We first recognize your customer avatar, the end result you're looking to achieve, and we can then craft an automated segment of emails, based conditionally on both engagement and list criteria. If you'd like to learn how Rws can implement this type of email marketing strategy into your business, please contact us today!

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We were referred to Rws by a friend to help grow our e-commerce store on Shopify. We've been getting by, but we needed a strategy for 2020 that could help us reach our sales goal, and get us in front of more buyers. The team at Rws was able to immediately identify critical errors on our website, and install analytics to our website. We've learned so much about our customer, and Rws was able to help us find new sources of traffic to help us hit our end of year goals!!
Tom R.
Chief Marketing Officer

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Our team members are fully trained to manage industry leading platforms, such as; Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, and Clickfunnels. Our clients have seen the most success through these platforms, however we have experience in many other platforms. If we're working on a new/startup project, we'll identify which platform fits best for you based on your business needs.